Your program will be developed and continually refined as a collaboration between you and your teacher.   Programs  are customized and may be hybidized to provide a curriculum of study to meet your needs, interests, and personal growth objectives.  See our program offerings below.

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3. Jump to Swordsmanship & Weaponry 




Students in T’aichi for Health & Wellness gain an in depth understanding of movement and body mechanics in conjunction with meditation and qigong energy work. This program focuses on: 

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This program focuses on creating a solid framework for mastery of Shaolin Kungfu and/or Martial T’ai Chi Chuan with an emphasis on practical skills, physical conditioning, and realistic applications training.

Students in the Shaolin and Martial T’ai Chi Chuan Programs learn: 


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For students who have gained proficiency in foundation sets for Shaolin Kungfu and/or T’ai Chi Chuan, we offer a comprehensive program of traditional weapons training as well as study in how to cope with weapons in self defense scenarios and applicability to modern self-defense situations. This study is primarily offered in conjunction with martial training shown above. 


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We have been studying at Ziran Martial Arts for the past four years. We were drawn to the school particularly by Sifu Seth Davis's elegant performance of T'ai Chi and weapons forms. Both he and Laoshi Thomas Posey have a deep practical understanding of martial arts and can analyze individual movements in great depth. While T'ai Chi can be practiced for either health or martial and self-defense applications, our actual interest are more in understanding body mechanics and energy flow. We have learned a lot about both at Ziran Martial Arts. We enjoy the practice for its aesthetic components as well as the fun of learning something new. Both teachers have been wonderfully generous in sharing their time and knowledge.

-Lowell & Susan Edmunds (students since 2008)


Ziran Martial Arts is the real deal. Seth and Thomas are accomplished T'ai Chi practitioners and lifelong martial artists. Whether you want to go deeply into the martial aspects of T'ai Chi Chuan or you just want to learn and practice the forms as a moving meditation and exercise, Ziran is a great place to discover and explore the richness of this demanding, very rewarding art. If you are interested but unsure, stop by and check them out. Seth and Thomas are always happy to meet the curious and let them observe or jump into a class 9for free). I walked in the door two years ago and have been attending and practicing ever since. Very glad I did. Great for kids and adults of all ages.

-Neil Cuthbert (student since 2011)


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