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Kids and Teens Kung Fu Classes train your child to become a highly capable martial artist while building strong, physically fit bodies and developing self-confidence and a positive character. Students learn self-control, discipline, awareness, balance, coordination, and physical prowess. Students learn self-defense and are taught the fundamentals of proper exercise through high precision body mechanics. This will enhance performance in all physical activities. Safety is emphasized, while teaching students the virtues of respectful behavior, benevolence, team-work and to be supportive of peers. Combining a solid physical, mental, and moral foundation establishes the basis for a sound education in self-defense and traditional kung fu study. 


Beginning students will start with a two month introductory program that meets 2 times per week. Prospective students will participate in one trial interview class before being accepted into the school. This enables proper assessment and placement. Space is limited to 14 students per class session. Please submit your information below. We will contact you for an appointment. Thank you!

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The Mastery program is an intensive martial arts training program for children who are excelling in their training and who want to specialize in their martial arts study beyond the basic program. Students ages 7 and older with at least 2 gold stripes on a yellow sash and the recommendation of the head instructor may apply. The program meets up to 4 times per week and is designed to teach students to a high level of mastery and ultimately black sash level in Shaolin Gongfu (kungfu) and Taijiquan (t'ai chi).

The program provides and requires a high level of focus, strict attendance and commitment. Additional monthly specialty classes such as weapons training, and/or practice with the adult classes for selected topics may be required as students advance, particularly once they are teens. Performance and trips to competitions are included as one component of the mastery program. Students in this program are expected to practice daily and uphold a high standard for their studies and proper conduct.



Members of the mastery program who are at least 11 years old and who demonstrate a high level of focus, skill, motivation, and a positive attitude may apply to participate in Leadership training. This is an extension of the Mastery Program and constitutes a volunteer opportunity. Students will assist with classes and receive guidance on how to teach martial arts to younger individuals. In addition they assist with basic school operations and lean aspects of how to manage the school.

Students on this track may have the goal become martial arts teachers in the future or they may just want to gain teaching and leadership experience while assisting their peers and younger students in the martial arts. This experience can be valuable when applying to college and also can be applicable to a wide range of future jobs and career tracks.


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